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Apr 19

Back, with a simple one!


Okay, I figure it's about time... Lots of simple bits to this one, but it will make you think :)


Based on the ABC short lived game show "You Deserve It".


Designed for as a one player game.



1) Power point presentation (D'uh!)


2) Text file with any number of the following rows in repetition (repeat however many boards you want to play per game)

a - Correct Answer

b- Category of the Answer(Who, what or where?)

c1-c9: Nine clues about the Correct Answer


Opening Screen:

Opening ScreenOpening Screen
Opening Screen

Step 1 - Click "Fill Board". This will load up the entire file into the system.


Step 2 - Click the "Round number" Button (in this case, it's the number next to the "fill board" (yes, I know, it's not user friendly, just remember how i run things as a show). This will load the first round of the board


This will make the 'answer' bar disappear at the bottom and it will total the prize slots over on the left (16,000 at the moment)




It'll then take the appropriate round number, load the puzzle.. in this case a "WHAT?" puzzle and randomly take 9 of the 10 values on the left and hide them behind the clues circles on the right.


The player selects one of the 9 clues, and the cost of the clue is revealed (1 of the 10 values) , and remove that from the prize pool from the board. (so if they choose clue #8 and it's worth 2000 points, the prize total drops to 14,000).



2500 points removed from the prize bank.2500 points removed from the prize bank.
2500 points removed from the prize bank.



Step 3 - After the clue number is chosen, the "Clue cover" button is clicked to reveal the first clue, which will be put in the first slot on the middle of the board, as well as appear at the top of the screen.


Clue #1 revealedClue #1 revealed
Clue #1 revealed

Step 4- The player can then either try to guess at the answer, or if they dont' know, can pick another clue. At any point, if they guess and they guess incorrectly the board is over and no points are scored and you go to the next board.


5 clues in.. 6500 points lost from the bank.5 clues in.. 6500 points lost from the bank.
5 clues in.. and we've lost 6500 points so far

Step 5- Whenver the player finally makes a guess at the puzzle, you click the clue at the top to reveal the correct answer



Did they guess right after 5 clues?Did they guess right after 5 clues?
So did they get it right? (Colored chompers? Bluetooth! Colored pages? Yellow Pages!)

If they guessed the answer correctly, you're going to bank the pot by clicking on the pot number at the top, which will transfer and add that amount ot the bank at the bottom (which is locked away and cannot be lost). The process repeats for ever how many boards you have programmed and see how many points you can bank by the last board.


And if you can score the points required to win a prize.. well guess,what.... "YOU DESERVE IT!"









Looks interesting. Do you have a clip of this game in action?

i will tomorrow night, rusnak... I've got a LONG stream planned tomorrow (err.. tonight), and I'm trying to get as much prep work done as I can right now (but my eyelids are getting heavy)

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  • Okay,'s time for the newest addition. and this one was pretty much done in about 2 days (it helps, when you steal code from your other shows, right?) Believe it or not, I figured this was gonna be a lot harder to put together than it actually was, just because of the Lotto feature (not to say it didn't have issues) So we start giving every player 5 balls that they have to hope stay in play until the very last ball is removed from the hopper. The Balls are put in the hopper and shuffled by clickinig the Wonderball Logo... then 15 balls are put in the hopper and one "Danger Ball". You click the big ball to pull the ball number from the hopper and what appears determines the rules of the question. You start with player 1 (1-5), and if the ball drawn is 6-15, then that player tries to answer a trivia question. Correct answer removes your opponen'ts ball from play(clickthe appropriate ball at the bottom) an incorrect answer puts the ball back in the hopper ("Return to Game") and it's shuffled back in randomly. If you draw one of your own balls are drawn, if you answer the question correctly, the ball goes back into the hopper, but if you answer incorrectly, you've lost your own ball from the game. If a danger ball is drawn, all three players confer to try to give the right answer, but only the current player can give the 'official answer'. Get that right and the "Danger Ball" is "Removed from Game", get it wrong and it goes the dreaded "Return to Game". Round 1 continues until five balls have been removed from the game and the first column is filled, and then each player has a decision to make. After the first five balls are removed, players can sell off one of their remaining balls for an immediate gratification. (In the show, it's $100 for Round1, 200 in Round2, and 300 in round 3). If a player doesn't think their ball will be the last one left in the game, they can sell it to the host. If the player sells, it's now treated as an additional "Danger Ball", with the exception that once it's drawn, it's automatically removed from the game (no trivia to save it). Once all three players decided whether or not they're selling a ball, another Danger Ball is added to the hopper (resulting in 2 danger balls if none were removed in round 1, or 1 if the first one has already been removed). Play then proceeds from the last player to answer a question and the process is repreated until 5 more balls are removed from the game. The offer is repeated to sell one ball, again to all three players... And then one more danger ball is added for the start of Round 3. Round 3 is the same as the first two rounds, except there are only three balls removed, only this time, we do not add another danger ball at the end of the round. Round 4 however, is all luck, as there will be five balls in the game, 4 of which are pulled out by luck of the draw... as we pull the three balls we set on the column, and then the last ball to be eliminated from the game... Other than some issues figuring out how to eliminate danger balls (as "X"'s aren't integers), this one took about 2 days to put together mostly. It's only had one real test run and there is a tiny bit of strategy (sell or keep?),i it's mostly a bit of luck and trivia to keep yourself in play longer than you're opponents... but the players mostly enjoyed it... and that's without the Kilts!
  • Have you downloaded one of my game templates? Made a game from one of them, or made a game entirely on your own and like to share? This is the place to do so! Show off all your hard work with everyone here!


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