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Oct 30

Family Feud!

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Hi Rusnak Creative team, Firstly, what a fantastic resource for us computer dummies! Very impressed. 3 questions I am hoping you can help me with regarding Family Feud.

1. When I hover over the Show Question button it will not allow me to click on it. Rather, it defaults to clicking on some other buttons which are a part of powerpoint. Maybe you could move this button so I can action it easier? (this only happens when I am in slideshow mode)




2. Is it possible to change the "Family Feud" to our business name? Preferrably "FCA Family Feud" or "FCA Feud".

3. When I finish the round by clicking through the next round button option does not appear. Maybe it did not carry through in the download? Most likely I have done something wrong. Hoping for clarification :)


Thank you for your time


Thanks Ethan, I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the games!


1) PowerPoint has those buttons there for Presentation view, which can be annoying. This game needs to be ran in Presentation mode so you can use the Presenter view in a dual-screen set up. The game will be displayed on your second screen, and you'll see a smaller screen along with some other stuff on the main monitor. You can click on the buttons within the Presenter View so you can click on that button and other buttons without the mouse visible on the presented screen.


2) It is possible, but you will need to have a graphic to swap out with the existing logo. Contact me through the form using the Contact Us link below to talk about customization options.


3) The Next Round buttons appear after you have added the points to one of the two team's scores. Click on one of the side arrows to open up the team score panels, and then add score.


Contact us below if you have any more questions or reply to this thread!

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  • The soundtrack for first 5 questions are all incorrect. I haven't checked the other questions. If you need the correct soundtrack, kindly reply as soon as possible.
  • Hi, I downloaded the "who wants to be a millionnaire" template today. It's brilliant , but there's one thing I can't work out. EVERY time I start the presentation from Slide 1, as soon as I click the "Let's Play" button..the "Custom Game Settings" window pops up. It's modal, so i can't ignore it. I DO want to customise the question values (i.e. want to go from 1 to 200 and I want to use a SUFFIX) instead of a prefix. I set them up, save to "Save Settings" and then continue....all looks great. But the NEXT time i click "Let's Play", the SAME window pops up, and I've got to reenter my configuration. If I DON'T, it reverts back to $ from 1 to 1,000,000. Am I missing something, or is this by design? Ideally I want to save my configuration so that it persists each time while I'm trying to design the questions / game flow. (I'm in mining, so i'm trying to get the teams to "mine" 202kT (thousand tonnes) of material rather than trying to win money....) I don't get why that "custom settings" window is popping up everytime, even though I haven't even got to the 'toolbox" icon on slide 3 yet.... We'll make do otherwise, I'm just perplexed!! GREAT job though, team here are very impressed by it!
  • Hello, Firstly, your work is awsome, you save my life Then, I pick the game 'Who want to be a millionaire' and want to add my own question. I see there's a box where it's written 'import question' but impossible to import them (I've already download the Excel template for question) If you know how to solve it, you will be my new god Thanks


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