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Oct 6

Need a buzzer for your games? Check this site out!

0 comments is a free simple site where you can use a buzzer system in conjunction with my games. The host will log in first to create the game, and players will join in the same game using the unique room ID. You can use any device that can access the website through a browser, which makes this perfect for players to user their phones as a buzzer!


Have you used before? Let us know how it went below in the comments!

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  • hi guys, I have only discovered mikes work and it is fantastic. cant seem to be able to send an email directly to him. I do have 2 questions that I was unable to find anywhere in the Faq section. hopefully maybe someone in the forum can help. 1/ is it possible to reduce the number of cases in the dond game? ise from 26 to 22 or even 20? 2/ I have customised the box vales of each case, however after savings and then restarting the game, the original default values have been reset. is it possible to save the game with customised values? cheers in adavance david young
  • Hi, I was wondering if there is any way to change the amounts for each part of the winner circle pyramid. I need to make custom amounts for each totally $1000. Thanks!
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