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  • The soundtrack for first 5 questions are all incorrect. I haven't checked the other questions. If you need the correct soundtrack, kindly reply as soon as possible.
  • hi guys, I have only discovered mikes work and it is fantastic. cant seem to be able to send an email directly to him. I do have 2 questions that I was unable to find anywhere in the Faq section. hopefully maybe someone in the forum can help. 1/ is it possible to reduce the number of cases in the dond game? ise from 26 to 22 or even 20? 2/ I have customised the box vales of each case, however after savings and then restarting the game, the original default values have been reset. is it possible to save the game with customised values? cheers in adavance david young
  • Hi Rusnak Creative team, Firstly, what a fantastic resource for us computer dummies! Very impressed. 3 questions I am hoping you can help me with regarding Family Feud. 1. When I hover over the Show Question button it will not allow me to click on it. Rather, it defaults to clicking on some other buttons which are a part of powerpoint. Maybe you could move this button so I can action it easier? (this only happens when I am in slideshow mode) 2. Is it possible to change the "Family Feud" to our business name? Preferrably "FCA Family Feud" or "FCA Feud". 3. When I finish the round by clicking through the next round button option does not appear. Maybe it did not carry through in the download? Most likely I have done something wrong. Hoping for clarification :) Thank you for your time


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